23, Jan, 2020
Women’s Sexual Satisfaction Often Increases With Age.

Women’s Sexual Satisfaction Often Increases With Age.

Desire is not the main motivation for sexually active women in their 60s, 70s and 80s.

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Sexual satisfaction increases with age among older women who are sexually active, while those who do not have sex are satisfied with their sex life, a new study suggests.

The study included 806 older women who lived in a planned community in the San Diego area whose health was followed for 40 years. The average age of the participants was 67 years and 63% was postmenopausal.

Researchers from the Health and Veterans Affairs System at the University of California at San Diego evaluated women’s satisfaction and sexual activity and found that half of women with a romantic partner had been sexually active in the past four weeks.

Researchers also found that the likelihood of sexual activity decreased with age, and that 67 percent of sexually active women always or normally reached orgasm, and that larger and smaller women reported the highest rate of satisfaction with sex. orgasm.

Forty percent of the women in the study said they never felt or almost never showed a sexual desire, and one third of sexually active women reported a decrease in sexual desire, according to a study published in the January issue of the American Journal of Medicine.

“Despite the relationship between sexual desire and other sexual functions, one in five sexually active women reported high sexual desire,” said Dr. Elizabeth Barrett Connor, director of epidemiology at the University of California School of Medicine. in San Diego. Magazine Bulletin.

“About half of women aged 80 or older reported excitement, lubrication and orgasm most of the time, but rarely reported sexual desire and, unlike the traditional linear pattern that precedes libido, these findings suggest that women engage in sexual activities for multiple reasons, which may include confirmation or continuation of the relationship, “said Barrett Connor.

61% of the women in the study were satisfied with their general sexuality, regardless of whether they had a partner or were sexually active.

Older age is an indicator of low sexual satisfaction, but the percentage of women with sexual satisfaction in school has actually increased with age. Almost half of women over 80 reported sexual satisfaction almost always or always.

Older women were not the most sexually satisfied. In general, older women who were sexually active had similar rates of satisfaction with orgasm than younger women.

“In this study, sexual activity was not always necessary for sexual satisfaction.” People who were not sexually active had achieved sexual satisfaction through touch, foreplay or other intimate relationships that emerged during a long relationship, “said first author, Dr. Susan Trompeter, Assistant in the Department of Internal Medicine. General of the School of Medicine of the University of California at San Francisco, and physician in the San Diego health care system, in the press release.

“The emotional and physical proximity of the couple may be more important than the experience of orgasm,” Trompeter concluded, “A more positive approach to female sexual health that focuses on sexual satisfaction may be more beneficial for women than focusing on sexuality or female dysfunction. “

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