23, Jan, 2020
When Yuck Becomes Yes!

When Yuck Becomes Yes!

What makes monsters and germs less elegant and delicate in the heat of passion? New research says that sexual arousal can play a role in stopping us! And the sheep! Reaction

A new study suggests that women’s tolerance to coarse objects, such as dirty underwear and used fabrics, is much greater if they go to the bedroom.

Sharmine Borg, the author of the research on how sexual arousal limits a woman’s repulsive reaction, poses an interesting question about how people manage to have sex. Absolutely. ”

Borg, a PhD student in experimental clinical psychology at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, and her team recruited women of different sexes to study.

Participants were divided into three groups (sexual arousal, positive and neutral sexual arousal) and presented a film of their group. The erotic group saw a steam scene from a female pornographic film. The group of positive non-sexual arousal was subjected to high octane shots of mountain diving or mountaineering, which prompted them to encourage a strong adrenaline response but in a non-sexual way. The neutral group saw the film of the train traveling in a landscape.

Subsequently, each participant was asked to perform 16 tasks, including drinking juice from a cup containing a large insect (fake), lubricating the vibrator of the hand, eating the cookies that were next to the worm, touching the used condom. “and hold a bandage used on the wound. Others were more disgusting.

The people were asked to evaluate the frequency factor for each of the 16 stimuli.

The sexual themes, those that saw the thriller, were less repulsive than the gender roles and, in general, they disliked the other tasks that were required of them. They were also more willing to perform tasks than other groups.

“What we can say with confidence is that sexual arousal is less repulsive,” says Burg.

This revelation was not a big surprise for Claire Cavanna, co-owner of Babeland, a sex toy company in New York City. Kavanagh, 47, says clients often walk around buying sex toys and other sexual supplies, and sometimes realize they want sex not to be chaotic. She tells these clients to get used to it. “Bold things and sex can never be torn apart.”

As a sex toy dealer, I noticed that there was something unpleasant that could change. For example, studies have found that the smell of sweat shirts can release axillary pheromones that transform women.

“When you’re in bed with someone you love, love, love and care about, it’s disgusting to make someone more attractive,” says Kavanagh.

However, Borg says his research is not only to show that women are more aggressive with serious things, but to develop their research on the causes of sexual dysfunction in women. It suggests that women who suffer pain, discomfort or who can not have sexual contact may have a negative reaction when they appear, “an unpleasant response to erotic stimulation,” he says.

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