23, Jan, 2020
Study: Junk Food Advertisements Targeting Minority Children

Study: Junk Food Advertisements Targeting Minority Children

Keto Ignite A new report states that all television ads aimed at children of Hispanic origin and black children in the United States are almost unhealthy.

The researchers found that black teenagers found more than twice as many ads in unhealthy food products as white teenagers.

“Food companies have introduced health products and created corporate responsibility programs to support health and wellness among their customers, but this study shows that they continue to spend 8 of the $ 10 in junk food, candy, sugary drinks and snacks Unhealthy, even with more ads for these products targeting young people, Blacks and Spaniards, “said lead author Jennifer Harris in a press release from the University of Connecticut.

Harris is Director of Marketing Initiatives at the Rod Center for Food Policy and Obesity.

Alkatone Keto In a report published on Tuesday, researchers analyzed the announcement of 32 key restaurants, food and beverage companies that spent at least $ 100 million or more on ads for American children and teenagers in 2017. They were part of the Advertising Initiative of food and drinks for children. Food advertising aimed at children under 12 years old.

Researchers found that junk food, sweets, sugary drinks and unhealthy snacks accounted for 86 percent of food advertising spending on television programs aimed at blacks and 82 percent of Spanish television expenses .

According to the report, of the nearly $ 11 billion spent on total television advertising in 2017, it was $ 1.1 billion in television programs in Spanish and Spanish.

Vexgen Keto He also found that food companies increased spending on black TV ads by more than 50% between 2013 and 2017, although overall spending on advertising on all TV shows declined by 4%.

At the same time, public health products, such as 100% juice, water, nuts and fruits, accounted for only $ 195 million of all television advertising programs in 2017. These ads represented only 3% of total advertising spending of the 32 companies.

But health-related advertising only accounts for 1% of ads on black television and has never been shown on Spanish-language television.

Keto Rapid Max “At best, these advertising patterns suggest that food companies are considering that black consumers are interested in sweets, sugary drinks, fast foods and sandwiches with lots of salt, fat or sugar, but not healthy food, “said the co-author. In the study, Sherike Komanika, president of the Black Health Council at the Durensville School of Public Health in Drexel, Philadelphia.

Teal Farms Keto “These companies not only lose the opportunity to market, but they also inadvertently contribute to the deterioration of health in black communities by intensively promoting products related to an increased risk of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure,” Kumanika said. .

Keto Tone The companies with the highest number of brands aimed at all black and / or Hispanic youth of all ages are Mars (candies and gums), PepsiCo (brands of soft and sweetened beverages) and Coca-Cola (sugary drinks, diet sodas and branded drinks) The report said.

Radiantly Slim Fast food restaurants account for approximately half (approximately $ 4 billion) of all television commercials in 2017.

The researchers asked food manufacturers to stop targeting black and Spanish youths with advertisements for unhealthy foods.

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