23, Jan, 2020
Recipes for Weight Loss

Recipes for Weight Loss

Functional Recipes: Have you ever thought about losing weight and improving your health? Check out the delicious recipes!

Already made functional recipes? Good. Functional foods when well used possess the ability to be a great ally of health, and can be used to lose weight and gain muscle mass for example.

The ingredients are diverse and each has a beneficial or harmful function to the body. In this article we will give functional recipes with the main functional foods divided by their main functions. Let’s check it out?

Functional Recipes for Weight Loss

Basically, functional recipes that aim to lose weight should be prepared with low calorie ingredients.

The rule of slimming is basic, if you consume fewer calories than those ingested, Purefit Keto Diet UK there will be weight loss.

Also there are ingredients that besides possessing low calorie and power to quench, are thermogenic.

This thermogenic feature gives the food the ability to increase your daily calorie expenditure.

Here’s a quick, functional and nutritious snack to make during your diet:

Homemade cereal bar


1 cup fine oat tea – Improves the sensation of satiety and absorption of nutrients.
1 cup of rice flakes – Has lots of fiber and few calories.
2 cups brown sugar tea – More healthy than refined sugar, provides energy.
1 cup whole-wheat flour – It has fibers and supports for longer.
100g chopped dehydrated banana – Provides energy and controls intestinal functions.
1 teaspoon cinnamon – It has thermogenic effect, improving daily caloric expenditure.
6 tablespoons full of honey – Improves immune system and digestive functions
50g chopped Pará nuts – It has omega 3 and good fats.

Method of preparation:

Mix in a bowl all dry ingredients
Then add the honey and mix until it forms a light sticky dough.
Put in a greased form and refrigerate for 8 hours
After only cutting into bars and storing in a refrigerated environment.

For gaining muscle mass

In order to build new muscles the body needs to be stimulated through bodybuilding exercises, but maintaining a functional diet directed to that purpose can greatly accelerate the process of gaining muscle mass.

Check out below a functional recipe that is powerful for those who want to gain tone and a strong musculature:

Chicken Hideaway with Sweet Potato


500g of sweet potatoes – It has complex carbohydrates and low glycemic index.
100ml of fresh cream – Milk fat has a cardioprotective effect due to linoleic acid.
500g chicken breast – Provides high protein concentration with low amount of fat.
1 medium chopped onion – It has antioxidant properties and lots of vitamins.
3 chopped medium tomatoes – It has a high concentration of lycopenes, helping to prevent various types of cancers.
2 garlic cloves – Helps improve the immune system.
4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil – Promotes cardiovascular health and lowers bad cholesterol.
Calabrian pepper to taste – Thermogenic effect, helps in burning fat.
50g grated parmesan cheese.
Salt to taste

Method of preparation:

Peel the sweet potatoes and cook them in boiling water until they are tender.
Remove from the pan and let cool, Truu Keto then with the aid of a juicer make a dough with the potatoes
Add the cream and salt, mixing well.
For the filling add the olive oil and the chopped garlic in the pan and fry until golden brown, then add the onion, the tomatoes and season with pepper and salt pepper, done this add the chicken breast shredded.
Mix well and add half a cup of milk.
To mount, place half of the dough on the bottom of a refractory and add the filling, covering it with the rest of the dough.
Top with grated Parmesan cheese and bake until golden brown.

To sustain and give energy

Vitamins and shakes are a great way to consume functional, quick and practical foods. They can be prepared with just the functional ingredients you like the most.

Check out below a functional recipe for banana, avocado and oatmeal vitamin that promises to improve your health and provide energy for your daily activities.


200ml of milk – Source of calcium and protein.
1 medium banana – Helps regulate the intestine and provides energy through fructose.
½ avocado – It has good fats and gives a feeling of satiety.
2 tablespoons oats – Helps quench while providing slow-burning energy.
3 tablespoons honey – Improves immune system and digestive capacity.
Method of preparation:

Beat all the ingredients well with the help of a blender, you can add ice in the last seconds of the beat if you prefer.
The product should be consumed on time.

As we have seen in this text Truu Keto is essential to maintain a balanced diet with functional foods. These foods provide several benefits to our body, but above all, it is indispensable, for those who want to be in good health.

But we know that dieting, organizing, cooking, scheduling is sometimes very difficult and exhausting, but do not worry we have an incredible solution that will make your life easier in every way.

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Benefits of 101 Functional Recipes

Check below 15 INCREDIBLE benefits that a functional diet can provide you.

The diet provides the well-being and the proper functioning of every organism
Reducing stress and symptoms of PMS
Reducing the effects of aging
Detoxification of the organism
Regulates bowel functions
Accelerates metabolism
Promotes healthy weight loss
Accelerated fat burning
Decreased swelling
Decrease in net retention
Provides satiety
More disposition and energy to carry out day-to-day activities
Decrease appetite
End the accordion effect


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