23, Jan, 2020
Foods to help in hypertrophy

Foods to help in hypertrophy

As important as intense workout, eating is also a top priority for those who want to hypertrophy, ie gain muscle and lose fat fast. This food should contain specific foods that contribute to the energy gain to be spent on training and those who collaborate for muscle growth. Based on that, we put together a list of 10 foods to help you with this process.

List of foods to help in hypertrophy

Check out below the foods and their benefits of acting that help in the hypertrophy of men and women. Proteins, vegetables, carbohydrates, fruits, good fats and more, check out below.

1. Eggs

Eggs are essential in hypertrophy because they are large sources of protein (6g per unit). Life Nutra Keto Reviews Among other nutrients, an egg still has vitamin A, D, and E, and contributes to the production of good cholesterol (HDL) and boosts testosterone production.

Feeding Tip: Boiled whole eggs are healthier, but if you choose to eat fried, replace the oil with the olive oil, put a little salt and do not overdo it.

2. Salmon

Fish are great for health, but salmon itself contributes greatly to hypertrophy. Every 100g of salmon, 20g is protein. Among other benefits that salmon brings to those who knit, we know that it is a strong source of Omega-3, which improves heart health and reduces inflammation in joints and tendons.

Life Nutra Keto Feeding tip: It is a more expensive fish, so it is not always eaten, but it is worth investing. Raw or cooked, salmon is a delight and super healthy.

3. Natural yogurt

A yogurt has plenty of fiber, protein and vitamins, which helps strengthen the muscles. In addition, the lactobacilli found in food improves the health of the intestine and helps in the correct absorption of nutrients, especially of proteins.

Feeding Tip: The natural yogurt itself tastes very strong and bad, is not sweet, it is quite bitter. So, make an effort two or three times a week feeding on it, as it is very effective, fills the stomach well when consumed as a snack. You can also put chopped fruits to get a better taste.

4. Red Meat

Life Nutra Keto Meats in general are already full of protein, but the red meat itself stands out as being the largest source, so it contributes in the best way for muscle gain. In addition, it contains vitamin B12, iron, zinc, creatine and carnosine.

Feeding Tip: No one said that BBQ is released. Beware of the salt level in these meats, do not eat badly past or extremely fried, eat on the spot. Make the delight of eating red meat a healthy habit.

5. Grains and cereals

Rich sources of protein, vitamins and other nutrients include walnuts, quinoa and oats. All three completely favorable for hypertrophic eating and to prevent diseases like cancer.

Feeding Tip: Such foods can be mixed in the food, in the yogurt or in another recipe that you prefer. Eat also with fruits, it is very yummy. And be careful not to overdo it, the nuts, for example, are quite caloric.

6. Drinks

Water. Water! A lot of water! Proper hydration helps eliminate toxins from the body, which contributes to weight loss. Drink about 2L to 5L of water daily, especially in workouts, always refilling your bottle. What’s more, cut back on your life (leave it to the day of the trash monthly), drink natural juices, avoid excess sugar in your drinks and, once again, drink lots of water.


These are just some of the top foods you should consume to hypertrophy with quality, so that you see your body changing rapidly. Gradually step up your workouts, but do not forget to eat well.

If you have any interest in dietary supplements to grow faster, consult your nutritionist and gym trainer and ask for indications and recommendations on the best for your goal. Just focus, dedicate, invest and so your dream body comes true.

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