23, Jan, 2020
6 Reasons Men Fake Climaxes

6 Reasons Men Fake Climaxes

If you think a woman is the only fool in the bedroom, think again: one in four men says they have forged an orgasm at some point in their sex life.

The studies support the idea that women are more prone to counterfeiting than men, but the performance of Oscar-based representation is clearly not limited to the female sex. What is the deal? For both men and women, it seems that forging intercourse is linked to exploring erroneous relationships, that is, how one looks during and after sex.

The men who falsified that report used a combination of complaints, sounds and changes in physical movements. There may be a number of reasons behind this act.

Why Men Have False orgasms?

If a man’s climax is a trick, this may be the reason:

  • To run with the late orgasm. On average, the data show that men tend to take about seven minutes of maximum penetration. If someone thinks it will take a long time, you can decide that it is better to eliminate orgasm and end sexual behavior.
  • To hide premature ejaculation. Some men pretend to have an orgasm as the end of premature ejaculation, says urologist Craig Niederberger, MD, FACS, director of Urology at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
  • To maintain your pride. For men who lose an erection during sex or sensation, they may not get an orgasm, it may be easier to fake ecstasy than to talk about why it does not happen.
  • To satisfy your partner. A man who has broken his orgasm may be worried that his partner will feel uncomfortable due to the duration of sexual intercourse. You may also be worried that your partner will feel hurt if you stop having sex before orgasm.
  • Comply with the rules. Some couples have a certain idea of ​​how to have sex. Some men can not think of another form of sex to end another part of the devastating orgasm, so they end up falsifying it if it does not happen naturally.
  • To get things with. Sometimes, men practice sex with their partner for their partner, but since they do not, they end up forging a massive reorganization to resolve the situation.

There is No Need to Continue Believing: How To Solve The Problem

It may not be a big problem to give her an orgasm once in a while, but if it happens regularly, it may be time to get help. Here are some ideas:

Talk to your doctor. There are a number of medical conditions that can cause a delayed orgasm, premature ejaculation or difficulty maintaining an erection. But according to Dr. Niederberger, late ecstasy is a measure of self-measurement. “It’s 10 minutes, or 20 minutes, it’s really for the man and, of course, for his partner,” he says. Conclusion: If it takes longer to reach orgasm than you or your partner, then it is okay to ask for help.

Talk to the assistant. Sometimes, the roots of falsification are in emotional problems. You may need two couples therapists or two sex therapists to help you understand why you are having difficulties with a true orgasm with your partner.

Masturbation Self-stimulation is recommended to help you discover what motivates you. Then, share this information with your partner.

Reduce alcohol or illicit drugs. Men are more likely to manipulate orgasm when they are under influence, probably due to the fact that drug abuse affects sexual performance.

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